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Happy Valentines Day

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I've read the agreement and I'm ready to

enter da booty

gay black booty

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2257 Statement

A sexual fantasy about CityBwoi . Well being that i dont' got a ton of sexual experience and being that i only been fucked once, my fantasy would be that i ran into citi boi somewhere like the mall, or it can be like taco bell or something at the food court of a mall. So we ened up talking and i let him know i seen him somewhere but i'll tell him where later mainly because we in front of public places. Anyway, so we talk about other thing and he wants to sit with me while i'm eating. After we eating, he offers me a ride home since i didnt have a car. So while we drving home, he decides to go back to his place because he wants to show me some stuff and so we go there. I chill out and then he finally asks me where did i see him. I am reluctant to say and then i come out and admit that i seen him in porn. So then he start sitting around touching hiself and talking about how he could really go for some head right now. IN REAL LIFE I'VE NEVER HAD A DDUE MAKE ME GET ON MY KNEES AND SUCK HIS DICK SO IN THIS FANTASY citioi stands in front of me while i was looking under the couch for something i dropped. He pulls his dick out and is like "man bruh my bad but i need you to suck my dick brah" And so i do and keep sucking it. Then citi boi starts telling me he wants to fuck me but i'm very reluctant because I am intimidated. But citi boi keeps preasuring me to let him fuck me so i do. And he start out slow and speeds up as you know citiboi go do. So eventually he starts going faster and faster and becomming more aggressive. I statrt telling him to stop but he refuses. He tells me "I ain't go stop until you come" And the longer it takes me to come the more he keeps fucking me and fucking me and fucking me. Then he starts saying CUM...... CUM NIGGA. And he intermitently says that until I do just that.