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Happy Valentines Day

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I've read the agreement and I'm ready to

enter da booty

gay black booty

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A sexual fantasy about Jovonnie . Well.....i am there lying in my bed naked and dissapointed because my boyfriend couldn't come fuck me..soo now i had to lie there and listen to my roomate and his fine ass boyfriend(Jovonnie) fuck. But instead of the usuals moans..i hear raised voices and then a door slams. And i go to see what happened wearing nothing but my American Eagle briefs..Jovonnie had left because "he was being stupid" according to my room8. SO i went back in my room and lied down, then i heared a knock on my window. I look out and guessed it..Jovonnie. So i let him and he begins to talk to me about how much drama is on between him and the roomie and how he doesnt know how much more he can take. Next he asks where my bf was..i said at work(or atleast thats what he told me) soo he said it was already late and if i mind if spent the nite in my room. Sooo i laid down and he came beside me.and to my suprise asked if i cud help him "get this nut" so i obliged...i instructed him to lay in front of me so i could slob on that big ass dick with my ass tooted up in his face. He begin to caress my asshole with two fingers asking if i cud take his dick..i said yes. He then lifted his head and ate my first he was sorta hesitant but when he tasted my juices he went wild in my ass. In the meanwhile i slobbed his dick down while it was rock hard in my mouth. He then slid from under me..standing up behind me and took his dick head and rubbed/smacked it on my asshole..making my ass quiver with anticipation for that dick. He stopped rubbing and lined his dick up...he pushed and it went in. Damn his dick splitting my ass..but i wanted that shit. After a few minutes he was in balls deep..just how i like it...waxing my ass. We fucked for almost a hour and a half, in positions i never thought i cud do. Then i could feel his body rockin (i got that Fred Flinstone) and i knew he was cumin..he asked where i wanted it and i told him ON my he pulled out and dressed my ass in his nut. I still needed to nut so he fingered my ass while i jacked my dick..after about a second(lol) i came all over my sheets. Then we fell asleep..with the door unlocked.....