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Happy Valentines Day

(reading is fundamental!)

I've read the agreement and I'm ready to

enter da booty

gay black booty

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A sexual fantasy about AngelEyez . he came to my room we started talkin about our life then we started talkin about our sexual experiences which got me aroused then i ask him to put his hands in my pants when he did that we started to kiss slowly then i whispered in his ear to suck my dick when he did that i put my dick head all the way in his throat makin him gag on my dick it felt so good it felt as if i was cumin already in his mouth my body shook from the feelin my knee's got extremely week by the waY HE WAS SUCKIN MY DICK !!!I JUST KNEW I WAS ABOUT TO CUM UNTIL HE STOPPED HIIS ASS WAS WETT I SLID MY MIDDLE FINGER IN HIS ASS IT WAS SO TIGHT HE WAS MOANING HARD AND LOUD SO I THEN STOOD UP TOLD HIM TO BEND OVER AND GRAB THE PILLOW AT THAT MOMENT HE TOLD ME TO GO SLOW AS I DID MOVE SLOW I PUT MY WHOLE 7 INCH DICK IN HIS ASS HE WAS MOAN EXTREMELY LOUD AS IF HE WAS DYING OVER AND OVER IT FELT SO GOOD SOMETHING SO WETT AND TIGHT I WAS LOVIN EVERY MINUTE OF IT UNTIL I FELT IT I FELT MY CUM IT WAS SLIPPIN AWAY AND IT WAS NOTHIN I COULD DO I WAS ABOUT TO CUM I PULLED OUT IMMEDIATELY I PUT MY DICK IN HIS THROAT AND CAME......