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Hustler Fantasy with MVP


Fantasy about Hustler
Being tied up by you and having you tell me what to do.. Slapping that phat cock on my face and slowly opening me up, then pumping as fast as you can hearing me yell at the top on my lungs.. You give me more and push me over the edge..I feel u so deep I can feel the muscles and veins tighten in that cock, after hours of use.. Wearing me out and fucking me almost unconscious.. We rest, until a knock on the door.. What's that!? Your homeboy..ooohhhhh and your both so thick. You untie me but only to work both of you at once.. Spinning me on the dick and shooting massive loads leaking out of my ass and's the final part big booty wife who watches interracial porn with me doesn't know until you hear.. **click click??a picture!? Yyeeaahh got me,, used abused and chummed all over.. Ass leaking and shit ..sweaty as fuck with dicks hitting my face n juice running down..yeah we got you and unless you want us to fuck the shit outta her to your going to have to do what we say now!! Got it!? Yeah I got ..I'm your big black cock slut for life!! ;) and deep's my dream come true!!
MVP in a scene with him

Hustler Thug Gay Street Trade with MVP Gay Sex Fantasy
R'Tuerio Tanaj Fantasy with

R'Tuerio Tanaj

Fantasy about R'Tuerio Tanaj
Like to suck on that big long dick

R'Tuerio Tanaj Black thug twinks Ghetto Gay Sex Story
2Long Fantasy with Troy


Fantasy about 2Long
Won't him to nut in me an fuck me tell it open good not tought
Troy in a scene with him

2Long big black dicks with Troy DL Thug Sex Story
Rio Fantasy with


Fantasy about Rio
dammmmmm thats how i like them i wish i could get sum

Rio Flood nigga booty with hot cum Thug Sex Story
KydLeo Fantasy with


Fantasy about KydLeo
I would love to walk into the woods on a warm day, and see this thug taking a piss, I would watch him and he would see that I was interested, caressing his cock, and then I would nudge over toward him kneel down and start sucking him. He would deep throat me, and we would move over to a secluded area, and he would order me to take off my clothes, and we would pound that cock in my ass like a was a new prisoner in the jail. He is fine

KydLeo Gay Black Thug Sex Ghetto Gay Sex Story
Kobra Fantasy with


Fantasy about Kobra
submitted by: Guy
I would love to be having sex with another top stud, and have him walk in the door, undress and have the both of them gang bang me, for hours. He is just sexy and beautiful, I would deep throat him and appreciate his cum. He would be dominant ,strong and fuck me till I begged him to stop> Love to be videod

Kobra Gay Hood Niggas Fucking Ghetto Gay Sex Story
Jovonnie Fantasy with CityBwoi


Fantasy about Jovonnie
submitted by: Avonnell Martinez
Jovonnie fucks citibwoi in the ass.
CityBwoi in a scene with him

Jovonnie Raw Freaks to flood your black ass with CityBwoi Black Gay Sex Story
Omar Paje Fantasy with Dante

Omar Paje

Fantasy about Omar Paje
These two looked awesome together,wish they would flip fuck each other
Dante in a scene with him

Omar Paje Black Bareback Gay Porn with Dante Gay Sex Fantasy
Marcus Cooper Fantasy with

Marcus Cooper

Fantasy about Marcus Cooper
submitted by: eric
Me & B-zilla in the back of the metrobus b-zilla on his knees giving me head while he giving I'm touching &no playing in his boi pussi

Marcus Cooper Big Dick Videos DL Thug Sex Story
DeonT Fantasy with


Fantasy about DeonT
I'm a great lover of bottom dark black men since they turn me on. I must meet you some day......

DeonT big black dicks Black Gay Sex Fantasy
Chi Fantasy with


Fantasy about Chi
submitted by: poindexter
Just him inside of me 4 de hole nyt

Chi big black dicks Homoerotic Sex Story
Rio Fantasy with


Fantasy about Rio
I want rio top pound my ass until I Can't walk. I want to lick all over him and deep throat his dick. Then I want him to eat my ass until I'm nice and wet. And put his cum all on me. This is my fantasy make it come true

Rio gay niggas fucking Black Gay Thug Sex Fantasy
Carmyl Fantasy with


Fantasy about Carmyl
submitted by: Jay P
I want to take a bath and lick him all over fanasy putong this 9 inch in him

Carmyl big black dicks Homoerotic Sex Story
Chocolate Majik Fantasy with 2Long

Chocolate Majik

Fantasy about Chocolate Majik
submitted by: Superhead
meet up with and 5 of his top friends and suck all them till they shoot cum all over me in cum bath
2Long in a scene with him

Chocolate Majik caribbean black dick encounters with 2Long Gay Sex Fantasy
PrettyBoi Fantasy with Phoenix


Fantasy about PrettyBoi
Pretty Boy is versatile & that should be played up more. He use to fuck & get fucked a lot by Markell & De'Ka in another porn company's dorm footage. It'd be cool to see them rekindle that (maybe in an all verse 3ways, since Markell also use to fuck De'Ka in that same dorm). Also guys like Phoenix, Hotrod & Intrigue are the perfect verse guys I'd like to see both fuck & get fucked by Pretty Boy. But mostly Phoenix since I've never seen them fuck each other before. Phoenix likes to come while he's getting fucked, so that would be a perfect ending scene. Of course I'd prefer all my fantasies to be raw.
Phoenix in a scene with him

PrettyBoi Gay Black Thug Sex with Phoenix Thug Sex Story
HotRod Fantasy with Noah Long


Fantasy about HotRod
submitted by: Mr.Tea
Hotrod & Noah Long doing a verse scene (raw preferred). Make it about Noah being new in the industry & doing a casting call where he meets Hotrod. He wishes Hotrod would work with him one day, but Hotrod has a rep for having the biggest dick in the game & he won't let anyone with a lil dick top him. Noah should say he doesn't have a lil dick. Hotrod should make a bet that if Noah is bigger than he'll let him fuck him. Of course Noah's is bigger & Hotrod has to pay up. But then in the middle of it, Noah admits he's verse & have been dreaming of Hotrod fucking him....which is why he started doing porn. Then Hotrod should flip & fuck Noah. They can continue to fuck until Hotrod busts a nut all over Noah's long dick & vice versa.
Noah Long in a scene with him
Noah Long

HotRod Uncut Thick Black Cock with Noah Long Black Gay Sex Fantasy
ArQuez Fantasy with


Fantasy about ArQuez
Just to see him in see him in person doing whatever he wants to do to me and whatever he wants me to do. I will be his slave.

ArQuez Homo Niggas Gay Sex Fantasy
XL Fantasy with Jovonnie


Fantasy about XL
He's so sweet just want to kiss his sweet lips then suck his dick like it never been sucked before then ride on that big curved dick until he say my name.
Jovonnie in a scene with him

XL Black Boy Gay with Jovonnie Black Gay Sex Story
JC Fantasy with


Fantasy about JC
wow were to start well seeing that i love lightskin guys they are my weakness i can tell he the type that would make me want to freak him over and over and over and over again i could get very Sexual with Jc.

JC Black Gay Thugs With Fat Dicks Ghetto Gay Sex Story
Venom Fantasy with


Fantasy about Venom
submitted by: sugarwolf
Venom i truly think that you are the best looking porn that ever grace the screen i also think that your huge cock have a personality of its own i fantasize about you ramming that big dick of yours down my throat and fucking me in my tight ass hit up keep up the good work with you fine good looking ass

Venom Gay Black Thug Sex Homoerotic Sex Story
Lil Nash Fantasy with

Lil Nash

Fantasy about Lil Nash
submitted by: sugarwolf
I fantasize about you fucking the shit out of you already have met me i really wish we could hook up

Lil Nash Uncut Thick Black Cock Gay Black Sex Story
Peanut Fantasy with Venom


Fantasy about Peanut
submitted by: sugarwolf
Peanut i fantasize about you ramming your big black long dick down my mouth and my ass i think you are so dam sexy hit me up and keep up the good work
Venom in a scene with him

Peanut Cumdrinking Rough Black Gay Sex with Venom Black Gay Sex Story
HotRod Fantasy with


Fantasy about HotRod
me nay tell no lie boy you give me goose pumps looking so hot sexy an delicious .thaught all the nice sexy boys were verse Yeah boy me lovin up ur body lolzzzz any bottom get u most gald wish i could a be a part a ur life.

HotRod Ebony Ass Gay Black Sex Story
KingG Fantasy with Mario Long


Fantasy about KingG
I thank kingG and galaxy will do a good 1 on one shoot
Mario Long in a scene with him
Mario Long

KingG Gangstas Fucking Men with Mario Long Gay Black Sex Fantasy
Rio Fantasy with XL


Fantasy about Rio
Rio, xl, magic and killah in full versé flip fuck
XL in a scene with him

Rio Black Gay Porn with XL Gay Black Sex Fantasy
Chi Fantasy with Virgo da Beast


Fantasy about Chi
virgo and chi flip flop
Virgo da Beast in a scene with him
Virgo da Beast

Chi Black Gay Porn with Virgo da Beast Gay Sex Story
Mario Long Fantasy with Black

Mario Long

Fantasy about Mario Long
submitted by: Ja'Quai
I would love to see Galaxy with XL, and Black
Black in a scene with him

Mario Long black gay man booty with Black DL Thug Sex Story
Jovonnie Fantasy with


Fantasy about Jovonnie
submitted by: Perry Blevins
My fantasy is to one day meet him. And I would love to hook up with him . I want to make love to him kiss him passionately . Taste his body all of him . Him make love to me passionatey . It just looks so beautiful to me . Not only his outer looks but his personality seem to be cool. And from what I've read he is a good person on the inside. I no won't see this but I have a mad crush on you and I hope I can meet you someday soon. perryb

Jovonnie Black Thugz Gay Black Sex Story
HotRod Fantasy with


Fantasy about HotRod
submitted by: DIckmaster1971
My fantasy with Hotrod would to suck on his dick till its get rock hard. Then let me fuck me till he bust all in this ass. Stacey

HotRod gay thug dick Black Gay Thug Sex Fantasy
Manny Fantasy with


Fantasy about Manny
submitted by: DIckmaster1971
I want Manny to come over and let me suck on that dick and taste his pre cum on my tongue. I want him to get my ass wet and slide that dick inside me stroking me deep. I wanna feel that dick up in me while moaning and calling his name. He can even bust all that nut in my ass and come back and fuck me again filling this hole up all night.

I would suck his dick whenever he want me to.


Manny Gay Hood Niggas Fucking Black Gay Sex Story
Angyl Mandingo Fantasy with

Angyl Mandingo

Fantasy about Angyl Mandingo
submitted by: robert
i like guys feet and socks worship i like all the guys

Angyl Mandingo Black Men Ghetto Gay Sex Story
Angyl Valantino Fantasy with

Angyl Valantino

Fantasy about Angyl Valantino
submitted by: Mark Paul
watch Hotrod & Angyl have Lover Sex together, fucking, sucking & kissing passionately. See Hotrod's Long thick cock go all the way into Angyl

Angyl Valantino ruff thug fuckin Black Gay Thug Sex Fantasy
2Long Fantasy with Cody


Fantasy about 2Long
I would love to see him with killa, magic wood, hot rod, Virgo and city Boi
Cody in a scene with him

2Long Rough Black Thug Anal with Cody Black Gay Thug Sex Fantasy
Walé Fantasy with Killah


Fantasy about Walé
submitted by: Bandit
Would love to see Killah punishing Baby Boi ass... make it happen Chocolate Drop
Killah in a scene with him

Walé Thug Fucking with Killah Gay Black Sex Fantasy
HotRod Fantasy with


Fantasy about HotRod
I don't know what yall bottoms be doing that's letting hot rod take control of yall but baby If I put this Ass On Him (This Phat Ass) I will take control of the fucking Lol I will be fucking him with this ass you hear me but this the only nigga on this site I will do a fantasy about cause this my favorite nigga and always gone be thank you !

HotRod Real Urban Men Black Gay Thug Sex Fantasy
Enigma-X Fantasy with Virgo da Beast


Fantasy about Enigma-X
put enigma and virgo in a scene together
Virgo da Beast in a scene with him
Virgo da Beast

Enigma-X Gay Booty Poppin with Virgo da Beast Black Gay Sex Story
Walé Fantasy with Noah Long


Fantasy about Walé
Want to see Noah Long fuck Baby Boi
Noah Long in a scene with him
Noah Long

Walé Black Gay Thugs With Fat Dicks with Noah Long Black Gay Sex Story
Jovonnie Fantasy with


Fantasy about Jovonnie
submitted by: Dat Nicca Riq
From da first time I've saw dis kat, my mouth got extra wet and my bussy got extra moist!! He knows exactly how ta use dat big Dick of his and he got what I can't ever seem ta find here in my hood! These kats are afraid ta step to me for some reason! All they got ta do is grab on their dick when speaking ta me and see dat my eyes will be looking and that's the Que ta git me ta suck on it and then the fukkin comes next!!

Jovonnie big black uncut cock Gay Sex Fantasy
Walé Fantasy with Enigma-X


Fantasy about Walé
submitted by: Bandit
Would love to see Egnima dick Baby Boi down. I think that would be a hot video
Enigma-X in a scene with him

Walé DL THug Niggas with Enigma-X Thug Sex Story
Magic Wood Fantasy with

Magic Wood

Fantasy about Magic Wood
This Lovely Man On Top Of Me Pumping His Hot Cock Deep And Hard Into My Asspussy, While I Suck Off His Friend.

Magic Wood Ebony Ass Black Gay Sex Fantasy
Hpnotiq Fantasy with


Fantasy about Hpnotiq
submitted by: Justen Smith
Hey Hpnotiq, i saw what you said about having the best fantasy, you might hook up with them, well let me make mines the best, here it goes:

What i want to do with you:

First of all i want to make love with you. Then for a while, while we are kissing, we both will start to strip each other then you get on your knees to suck my dick, and later on, we start to go to the couch. I would start to make you deep throat my shit badly, and then i will switch and will suck our dick and show how its done, and then let you to suck my dick again, and slobber all over it. Once thats done, i will have you get on your knees and have you to lay your head down and bend your back, and then i would eat your ass up, like its pizza, and make that bitch wet, and shove my finges in it. Then i would probably have you to do the same to me. after that i would turn over and would have you to ride my dick. after a few minutes i would gitty up for you and beat up your ass and have you scream my name and for your mommy's name. You would say "ahh shit, fuck ME!!!" and moan, i would say "Take that dick bitch". The i would tell you to work that shit adn make it talk.

After a few minuest i would have you to resuck my dick, then have you to get on the bed and then have you to get on your knees bend your back. I would lick that ass and spit on it, and spit on my dick, and put my big dick you ass, slowly, and then take it out, while you are moaning, and saying "oooh, fuck!!!" or "ahh sht!!!", then i would finally put it in, and would want you to work it, and i would ask you "You like that shit Hyp", and you laugh and wine and say while whining, "HELL YEAH". Then when i think you are working that shit good, and had enough, i would go deeper, and then fall on you hard to have on your stomach, and have you to feel me, and i most def want to feel you. after that few damn good minutes, i say "get on your side nigga", and then put this dick back inside your nice ass. First i would go slow so you can get use to it and get confortable, then i would get faster and faster, harder and harder (hearing you moan and whine), and make you ass clap. Then to get deeper, i would put my hands on your thieghs and push it close to your hot ass stomach, and put my hands on the bed next to you, and left my body and stand on my tippy-toes and then start bangng on yo ass, and have you to bite on the bed sheets. The i would look at you , then kiss you, (btw, you have nice lips, just like KIDD), and you would moan, and whine while we are still kissing, (Damn i love u, and yo lips and ass :) ;)), then we both would back away and you would stare at me and bite yo lips, (Which is one of the ways that turns me on). After your best moment of your life and u think it cant get bettr, i would either take my dick out slowly or quickly, and then would tell you to get on your back (wish is one of your favorite positions,(said so on "Kidds Amusement Park")). I would notice how nice ur hole is, so i would start to spit on ur ass, and lick it and stick my tongue inside that ass. Then i would suck your dick for about a good 30 secs-1 min, and then start kiss your stomach and work my way up to your neck and then kiss you for 10 seconds, and then would start to put my dick inside you, and do the same thing what i did when u were on ur side (start off, slowly, then go faster). Like i love to do, i would then try to go deeper, and i would masturbate your dick for you, then you'll reach your hand towards it and then jack it off your selve, while i still go deep in that ass, then you'll say "Damn i love that dick" , and i'll say "you like that shit?" and you say "yeah and i feel that shit to", and then i say "I feel you to". Then how you look hot everytime when you get fucked, i started to kiss you. Then you started to bust your nut all over your stomach. So after you busted your nut, i continued to fuck you tight ass till i started to bust my nut in your ass, and filled it up. I continued inside you till i knew it was gone. I took my dick out of your ass and then watched you while you pushed all of the cum out of your ass. Once it was all out, i licked all of the cum that was all over your stomach, and then went back to the kissing. And then the END.

(I was kind of thinking of you to fuck me to)

I asked you do you want to do this again, and (hopefully) you said yes. THE END Love to see you, Your favorite (#1) fan, Justen a.k.a Cordd

Hpnotiq Ruff Thugs Black Gay Thug Sex Fantasy
Shonuff Fantasy with


Fantasy about Shonuff
submitted by: Justen Smith
I wanna bust the shit out of carlito, and make him, whine for his mommy.

Shonuff THUG DICK Black Gay Sex Story
Amear Fantasy with HotRod


Fantasy about Amear
Hotrod fucking amear hard and raw nut in his ass
HotRod in a scene with him

Amear black gay man booty with HotRod DL Thug Sex Story
ArQuez Fantasy with


Fantasy about ArQuez
to lick chocolate syrup off your body,as I go further down start licking the tip of your dick and start sucking it real slow and go faster and faster. after I jump on it and ride it in a split

ArQuez Monster 11 Uncut Black Cock Gay Black Sex Story
CityBwoi Fantasy with


Fantasy about CityBwoi
i want to make a video with you, jovonnie, tru a my crib

CityBwoi black male nude video Black Gay Sex Story
ArQuez Fantasy with


Fantasy about ArQuez
submitted by: curtgriffith
Hi.guys my friends call me a white boy. 42yrs old Some anal expierence .i want a big long fat dick .to be fully ripped And busted open. I want to feel my insides being torn apart..all night Over and over again. Im a freak ya see my fantacy is a true gangbang With lots of dick. Big ones. In my ass.. I was told im ready for the Next levil..and im ready to spread my wings. Please,please come And satisfy me and fuck this nice tight ass of . My services are free..

ArQuez Nude Homothugs Gay Sex Fantasy
HotRod Fantasy with Jovonnie


Fantasy about HotRod
Meehhhhnn,i dream about fucking wit hotrod n jovonnie like everyday! I dont like gerrin fucked, bur dudes with u guys arnd, am xo gonna raise ma bubble butt in da air 4 u 2 deep-fuck till it gapes open n den i fuck ur deep juicy hole back wif ma 9.5inches hung dick n shoot ma hott juice deep down.Yo da bestest pornstars i eva knew hotties.Kip da star blazing!!!
Jovonnie in a scene with him

HotRod Huge Cock Fucking Gay Thug Ass with Jovonnie Gay Black Sex Story
Antwan Fantasy with


Fantasy about Antwan
submitted by: MrDX
Lay him face down on the bed and get up in it with my tongue first before I give him the shaft!

Antwan caribbean black dick encounters Black Gay Sex Story
HotRod Fantasy with


Fantasy about HotRod
submitted by: Xavier Walker
To have you sucking my dick and eating out my ass like you never have b4 and make me fuck you then you fuck me.

HotRod Free Black Gay Movies Thug Sex Story
ArQuez Fantasy with


Fantasy about ArQuez
submitted by: Butthound
He comes in to my tattoo parlor right before closing. He says all he wants is a touch up, and it wont take to long. I look into those chocolate eyes and I cant say no. He was right it didn't take very long, about forty-five minutes. I finish up and say that will cost him about $150.00. He looks surprised like he wasn't expecting to have to pay for it. He says he has no money and Im like "WHAT THE FUCK!!" Your gonna pay and you better come up with something quick! He asks if he can work something out as he slowly rubs his growing hard-on through some very flimsy shorts. I tell him "Yeah we can work something out...but it aint your dick you paying with!" He stammers and says he dosent have much experience getting fucked and most guy just want to blow him. I state " Im not most guys!!". I tell him to take them pants off cuz I want to get a good look at what Im about to tear the fuck up!!. He say's he'll do anything else. I say I can call the police! He sit back in the chair and I take some pity on him..just a little. I lick that clean little brown till it glistens with my spit!. He moaning and squirming now. He looks up at and meekly asks will I at least be gently? I say first. It takes a lot of lube, ALOT of lube, but I finally get the head of my dick in his soooo tight hole. Crying and saying Im killin him its tearing him apart and he cant take. I assure him he can and he will!!. I give him a hit of poopers and his eyes roll back and the he closes his eyes and says "DAMN Daddy its yours!" I slide the rest of my 9" and very think dick into him and go o town!!. I ride him like this is that last piece of ass on the planet and I might not get another chance. I feel the walls of his ass start to contract and quiver. Ooooh Papi Im gonna nut! So am I! he shoots so hard he hits the mirror behind the chair and I coat his ass with what feels like gallons!. When we catch our breath, he say "Damn Daddy that shit was good" I might have to come back and get some more work done. I tell him it may cost more next time. He laughs and say he cant wait. Before he leaves he asks if he can send some of his boys my way? I tell him sure...and we can work out a payment plan! We both laugh.

ArQuez Black Gay Thugs With Fat Dicks Black Gay Thug Sex Fantasy

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