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A sexual fantasy about Capone and Thirteen. My fantasy has almost come true but not quite. This shyt would be hot. you got me and dude kickin it on the low. We been chilling for about 6 months and shyt is pretty solid. Some of my boiz know about him but he's strickly a DL, G-Type, trappin nigga so he ain't told nobody. One day, he tells me that his bestfriend (Thirteen) is coming to stay with him for a minute. He's all excited and shyt that he and his boi are going to be together again and they gonna take over this city like they did their hometown. So his boi gets here and we meet; I'm introduced as one of the boiz just like normal. Immediately, I could tell his boi knew what was up. You know how your eyes and body language say more than your mouth can articulate. That's kinda how it was as he smirked and said, "Oh, this your boi? Aiight dude, wuz good?" Weeks pass, they do their thing and yea, they're on their way to taking over the game here. One day, while my dude is handling business on the block I get a call. It's (Thirteen) and he just talking about their success. He starts to hint that everything is cool except he hadn't been able to find a shawty to kick it with. Me being me; I ask him what he's looking for. Him, being smart as hell, said, "I'm like my brother. We like the same type." My heart dropped, and I couldn't help but smile. All I could think about was how much he had talked about his dick before and how he could put it down. Now don't sleep on my dude cuz his shyt was right too but curiosity had me. Long story very short....we ended up kickin it and it was off da hook for real. My boi kinda suspected and approached his brother about it. Surprisingly enough, he told him and everything was....ok. We all talked and yep.....they both fucked me down! Two big dick, DL, G-Type, trappin best friends! Afer that, my dude told (Thirteen) he couldn't get no more of what was his so I hooked him up with one of my peeps. Damn...what I would give to have this come true.